"Where beauty focuses on natural results, aesthetic goals respect medical ethics, and plastic surgery embraces psychology."
Dr Alessandro Gallo and Dr Antonello Mele, are Consultants in Plastic Surgery. They established their clinic, Megaestetic, in 2003 after training at the same university hospital. Megaestetic is a more of a concept, than an idea.
From the outset, Dr Gallo and Dr Mele have shared a keen interest in the close link between physical appearance and emotional well-being, and the study of just how this connection impacts a person's self-esteem. At Megaestetic, one of the key principles of plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery (as well as aesthetic medicine) is to create harmony between the body and the mind. This notion provides a stark contrast to unrealistic beauty 'ideals' promoted by the media. The team of surgeons at Megaestetic takes great care in listening to and understanding patients.

A growing number of psychologists and psychiatrists are recommending surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments for patients who struggle with self-image. Furthermore, nowadays, more and more people recognise these treatments as just another opportunity to invest in themselves. Plastic surgery offers life-enhancing benefits, by using a multitude of innovative techniques designed to enhance both physical appearance and self-esteem. The social and cultural, and psychological elements are at the core of Megaestetic's concept, i.e. plastic surgery is a remedy for the body, the mind and subsequently the spirit. Dr Gallo and Dr Mele adopt a highly-professional approach to enhance emotional and physical balance as far as possible, and guide patients toward accepting the limits of natural beauty. The search for balance is a fundamental part of Dr Gallo and Dr Mele's work, and surgeons like them, who have chosen to avoid a commercial approach to this profession, and prefer to focus exclusively on improving patient self-image and confidence.

This website aims to offer patients, or anyone curious about the plastic surgery industry, additional information to the in-office consultation. The information on this site does not in any way substitute a thorough medical-surgical evaluation. However, it provides a clear and effective sample of Dr Gallo and Dr Mele's concept, and their day-to-day practice using a variety of advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments to achieve balanced, natural results.

Dr Alessandro Gallo & Dr Antonello Mele
specialists in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery

Dr Alessandro Gallo &
Dr Antonello Mele

Specialisti in Chirurgia Plastica, Ricostruttiva ed Estetica


Alessandro Gallo

Born on February 7, 1973, in Alghero, he graduated with full marks (cum laude) with a Diploma in Humanities from the Liceo Classsico, G. Manno High School, Alghero...


Antonello Mele

In the academic year 1994-1995, Dr Mele began his degree in Medicine and Surgery at the university hospital in Sassari. From November 1998 he studied at...