Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Medicine

Over time, skin starts to age; however, both surgical and non-surgical procedures can counteract and reduce visible signs of ageing. After a targeted medical-cosmetic consultation, fine lines and wrinkles, visibly dilated pores, age spots and pigmentation, thread veins, face and neck skin laxity, acne scars, and other skin concerns can be treated with wide range of modern aesthetic techniques tailored to match patient goals.

Below, we address some of the main issues regarding non-surgical facial rejuvenation which may arise during a consultation.
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Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for the Face

Reconstructive surgery is used to repair the appearance and restore the function of areas affected by birth defects, injuries, and tumours with a multitude of surgical procedures which can be adapted or combined to match individual patient requirements. Below we look at a range of conditions which plastic and reconstructive surgery can treat:

Skin and soft tissue damage after cancer surgery

Head and neck trauma

Face and neck burns

Facial paralysis due to nerve damage

Cleft lip and palate

Non-congenital or post-traumatic outer ear reconstruction.

Skull abnormalities

  • Tumori del capo e del collo
  • Traumi del capo e del collo
  • Ustioni del capo e del collo
  • Paralisi del nervo facciale
  • "Labbro leporino" (labiopalatoschisi)
  • Assenza congenita o post-traumatica del padiglione auricolare
  • Malformazioni del cranio